Joanna Migdal : A brief biography


Joanna was born at Chiswick, London and brought up in Ealing, where she was educated at a convent school. After a period at Ealing College of Art, she obtained a seven year apprenticeship in the studio of sculptors Edwin Russell FRBS and Lorne McKean FRBS. Some time later, while working as a journeyman, she was asked to calculate and make a sundial. It proved to be everything she loved doing: sculpture, engineering, metalwork, mathematics and calligraphy.


She has now spent twenty five years, devising, hand-making and hand-engraving sundials (and other related sculptural pieces). Commissions have come from important public institutions and private individuals throughout the world [Examples] . She has won a number of prestigious awards, including the British Sundial Society’s most recent prize.


Joanna now works from a studio in South Gloucestershire and a studio in Oxfordshire, which itself won a prize for its design. She is a Liveryman of both The Worshipful Company of Clockmakers and of the Worshipful Company of Scientific Instrument Makers of London. She is married to George White, Consultant Keeper of the Clockmakers’ Museum at Guildhall, London.


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