The British Medical Associationís memorial to the victims of the July 2005 bus bomb, was quietly unveiled at Tavistock Square on 7th July 2006.


Designed and made by Joanna Migdal, it takes the form of a substantial bronze sundial, standing on a simple Portland Stone plinth. The dial is hand engraved and extremely accurate. It is pierced with the crest andmantling of the BMA and is adorned both with its motto "WITH HEAD AND HEART AND HAND" and with the words "REMEMBER SEVENTH JULY 2005".


Just as the roof of the bus was torn away by the blast, so a quarter of the circular dial has been torn back and is used to cast the shadow. This is to symbolise the fact that despite the disaster, time moves inexorably on and though life is changed irredeemably, the human spirit is notbroken.[MORE]


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