Hare and the Moon sundial: a collaboration between Joanna Migdal and Jeremy James.


 A momentary glimpse of a shadow falling on one of Jeremy James’s vivacious ceramic animals in 2007, led Joanna Migdal to suggest that they should combine their skills to produce a limited edition of nine larger-than-life sculptural sundials in bronze. They decided to take the myth of the Hare and the Moon as their subject.


When Jekka McVicar the celebrated author, organic herb-gardener (and record Chelsea Flower Show medal-winner) later mentioned that the theme of her  2008 Chelsea display was to be myth and superstition, Joanna offered the first bronze hare for display on her stand. The suggestion was taken up with alacrity.


The sculpture depicts a second in the life of a wild animal. The hare is slightly off-balance, rolling on his back with a hemisphere of the moon in his paws.  The axis of the moon casts the shadow within the hemisphere: the numerals are deeply hand-engraved. Each one of the limited edition will be subtly different, because for astronomical reasons every sundial must be calculated, engraved and set up specifically for the garden for which it is made.


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90 cm high 90 cm long 60 cm wide




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